Save The Whales Reloaded

Save the Whales: Reloaded.
Join the two day WhaleFest 25-28 October 2012 in Brighton UK. This will be the world’s biggest celebration and declaration for whales and dolphins – right where 30 years ago the world voted to save them!

WhaleFest in Brighton, UK

Follow the WhaleBlog and check out the planet whale website for information about whale and dolphin watching tours all over the world. Support the good work!

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Dolphin Bliss

Another wonderful account of one of our participants this year – very touching.

Bottlenose DolphinsWords feel truly inadequate to explain what has been happening with me in the past 10 months that included 2 trips to WILDQUEST. My heart has opened and subsequently my ability to be present, both receive and give love and my whole body have transformed. Continue reading

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