Protest Against New Captive Dolphins Program

Forty-five non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are opposing a proposed marine mammal facility at Blackbeards Cay in the Bahamas. Read more…

reEarth and Bahamas Freedom Alliance is petitioning the Minister responsible for Marine Mammal issues in The Bahamas for governmental support in preventing any future dolphin facilities in The Bahamas. More details on the petition can be found at and on the Bahamas Freedom Alliance Facebook page.

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Ban All Dolphin Shows in the EU

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins BiminiOn June 28, in the European Union’s de facto capital, cetacean advocates are planning a demonstration to request the complete ban of all dolphin shows in the EU. In attendance will be former dolphin trainer — turned activist, Ric O’Barry. Read more…

Make the European Union a dolphinarium-free zone. Support the WDC.

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