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A list of books recommended by the WildQuest Team to read about dolphins:

homo dolphinusHomo Delphinus, The Dolphin Within Man > Jacques Mayol
This book holds appeal for divers, laymen, romantic, and dolphin lovers alike, regarding man’s spiritual connection to the sea.

Listening to Wild Dolphins > Bobbie Sandoz
Bobbie Sandoz’s story unfolds in three phases. In the end she transfers what she has learned from them to humans – that one can attain a commensurate level of joy by adopting the spirit of the dolphins.

Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises > Mark Carwardine
This Gem explores and explains the world of whales and dolphins. Over 50 species of whale, dolphin and porpoise are illustrated with the author’s own photographs.

Dolphins and their power to heal > A. Cochrane & K. Callen
The authors describe recent case studies confirming that such contact can enhance the learning abilities of the mentally handicapped, bring relief to the emotionally disturbed, and encourage recovery from life-threatening illness.

Dolphin Connection > Joan Ocean
This heartwarming book is the story of Joan Ocean’s first meeting with the whales and dolphins in 1984, and her intimate friendships with cetaceans, as she “…creates a field of innocence where the dolphin is the teacher.”

Behind the dolphin smile > Richard O’Barry
Ric O’Barry shares his journey with dolphins and other sea mammals in this captivating autobiographical look back at his years as a dolphin trainer for aquatic theme parks, movies, and television.

The Bottlenose Dolphin > John Reynolds
A comprehensive overview of  information relating to dolphin biology and conservation.

The remarkable Dolphins of Monkey Mia > Hugh Edwards
People Meet Dolphins on the Shark Bay Shore – amazing human-dolphin connection.

Souls in the Sea. Dolphins, Whales and Human Destiny > Scott Taylor
In this multi-faceted cetology compendium, Taylor surveys the portrayal of dolphins and whales in works of literature as disparate as Moby Dick and Sumerian legend, examines biologist John Lilly’s research on interspecies communication, and explores the benefits of dolphin-assisted swimming therapy for disabled children and adults.

Swimming with Dolphins. A Healing experience > Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
This is a magical book. It is an uplifting account of close encounters with dolphins, to whom it attributes yet more mysterious qualities.

Dolphin Healing > Horace Dobbs
Horace recounts some of the many amazing examples of dolphin healing he has encountered and examines the success of organised dolphin healing around the world including the work of the famous Dolphin Healing Centre in Kyoto, Japan.

Dolphin Mysteries > Kathleen Dudzinski & Toni Frohoff
In this enthralling book, Kathleen M. Dudzinski and Toni Frohoff take us into the dolphins’ aquatic world to witness firsthand how they live their lives, communicate, and interact with one another and with other species, including people.

Rekindling the Waters: The Truth about Swimming with Dolphins > Leah Lemieux
Essential reading for anyone who loves dolphins. With Dolphins as a symbol for Nature, this book shows us that by rekindling a wiser and more respectful relationship with them, we take a vital step toward a better, kinder world.

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