Dolphin Bliss

Another wonderful account of one of our participants this year – very touching.

Bottlenose DolphinsWords feel truly inadequate to explain what has been happening with me in the past 10 months that included 2 trips to WILDQUEST. My heart has opened and subsequently my ability to be present, both receive and give love and my whole body have transformed.

Starting with my Oct 2011 trip I changed my eating habits (most significant was a serious decrease in my expenditures at Starbucks), I stood taller, breathed fuller and my body changed. Pounds dropped. I met beautiful loving truly magical present people that allowed me to be increasingly accepting of myself and then the dolphins and boat and the magical pod tickled my laugh to reemerge without self consciousness. I met someone who has got to be “my sister from another mother” and we laughed and laughed like I never had in years.

November..Dec..Jan..Feb..March…my journey continued.Not A DAY passes that I don’t think about my trip to WQ and see the laughs and smiles of my pod members and the WQ dream team. The food was outrageously good, infused with blessings and pure loving nourishment. Tara is a Goddess herself. I returned in June after being awakened to the futility of waiting to live through the loss of a beloved coworker. When I got to Wildquest, Vijan said I looked like a different person..radiating a light…It was so cool that could be seen. Again the most loving pod and the most supportive and loving embracing and truly emotionally present and honest staff along with the magical dolphins facilitated a profound personal physical healing.

Swimming With Spotted DolphinsI was the dolphins, twice. I experienced a healing that has continued since muscles have become stronger and I have gone to the ocean beach’s in long island and have acquired a comfort in the ocean I never had before. I swam laps in a pool several times just two weeks after I came home. This was something my body was unable to do.

I was not strong physically on my June trip. I was attached to a buoy or had a hand to hold through swimming around the three sisters islands snorkel sites…by three different godesses..Atosh, Sukhama and Jwala. I got a new name…”midnight blue parrot fish” and it makes me smile.

My best friend said to me last week..”I think my best friend has become a dolphin”. I don’t know about that but I immediately bring myself to a sense of peace when I think and remember and feel my WQ experiences. My faith has been reborn, my belief in the goodness of people and the power of kindness expanded and I continue to live in a grateful state every day.

I can feel things now that I couldn’t feel 10 months ago. My heart has been opened. All kinds of feelings profound joy and deep sadness. But its ok. I’ve been sonarized by WQ. Sometimes I imagine these people, the WQ team with the dolphins, sending me energy that I feel in NY all the way from Bimini. One day Ill draw a picture of what I imagine. Their love like a rainbow reaching all the way to Yonkers NY.

Crazy? Nope. Magical? Sure.

And my blood tests ALL came back completely normal 6 weeks after my return home. Freaking amazing sonarized radical loving healing is what I’m experiencing. And and love that I cant contain…and why contain it anyway? Give it on…..

My blessings and gratitude to The WQ team Atmo Amlas Vijan Tara Sukhama Jwala Sudi Atosh and my love pod of June 2012 and the magical gleam in the eyes of the amazing water mammals we call dolphins. And I’ll be back again soon.

~ Susanna, JuneĀ  2012 ~

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