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marieA touching story revealing the deep bond of a pod which helped to facilitate the possibilty for Marie to give birth to her second child on Hawaii – with dolphins!
Enjoy a letter she wrote to her pod after receiving their generous support.“I want to write to you to express feelings I have had, and that I have following the generosity and the support you have been creating for me in my life and for a lot of people out there. Since I have been offered generous financial help to follow my dolphin dream I have had a load of interesting things happened. Both inside and outside.

I want to share with you because sometimes actions really do make the world a different place by creating ripples….

In the past few weeks, I have been sharing with people what happened to me. Starting with the trip to Bimini, inspiring my mother-in-law to the point where she follows the saga closely…
I have had all sorts of reactions, from a lot of people. An old friend communicating to me on facebook sharing with me his dream of swimming with dolphins and asking me just how to do that. Sharing the story of beauty and magic of abundance and generosity that I experienced, I enlightened the eyes of a total stranger, and could see the hope of magic and possibilities rise in her as I was talking. She left me saying I made her day by telling the story …which made my day too!

From my mom who suddenly did not judge or comment but for the almost first time said woah! and how happy she was for me. I know it made her proud that I strive to do something beautiful with my life and I almost think it made her feel like doing more crazy things!

It made another friend believe in his own dream of building a house in Costa Rica with a well-known eccentric hobbit house designer. I could see it made his dream more possible.

I can also see my partner getting inspired…by not drinking any coffee or alcohol since….;)

It doesn’t rise only fun emotions though….some people I talk to become angry, bitter, resentful. I had a comment that was blatantly judgmental and negative. Or sometimes I get ignorance from the listeners. They are all ok feelings, they are all part of a process….of expansion!!!

What I want to say is that by supporting emotionally, encouraging, believing in, by helping out, financially, or in any other way, doesn’t only make one person able to do one thing. It expands exponentially and I have now seen it through my own eyes, that one action moves a lot of people in many directions.

What moves people is to see somebody taking steps in the direction of his-her dreams. But above all, to see people encouraging that and getting inspired to the point where they want to be part of it and even…which is a very big deal in our society…giving money for it!!! That is such a big deal in a society where money is hard to make and hard to give.

Spotted DolphinsI cannot say how much I appreciate the gift. I cannot say how much I appreciate that a single person can decide that he-she wants to create a new world, and do it. With new rules. Rules that are not about counting money but about creating hope and generating abundance.

Abundance of hope. Abundance of support. Abundance of love. These are certainly the few things we lack most in this society, and I thank you all for creating the new world in which we want to live. This is it!

This is the world post 21-12-12! Very Inspiring soul-sisters (and brother).”

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