Dolphins Surfing

Wonderful video showing bottlenose dolphins surfing the waves, captured with a drone camera along south Western Australia’s coastline.

35 dolphins surfing from Jennene & Dave Riggs on Vimeo.

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Dolphins Getting Intoxicated?

Bottlenose DolphinsThe latest BBC documentary “Dolphins: Spy in the Pod” was revealing dolphins getting repeatedly high on pufferfish. When harassed, pufferfish first enlarge their bodies to make themselves less palatable. If that’s not enough, they have the ability to secrete tetrodotoxin (TTX) to ward off potential predators. Read more

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Keyboard with Dolphin Sounds

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins BiminiMore on dolphin language. The well-known Denise Herzing has given a TED Talk about the language abilities of dolphins. In her session titled “Do they have a language? If so, what are they talking about?” she shared her research in communicating with dolphins.

Read this TED blog post about the development of a wearable keyboard to communicate with the dolphins. Visit her website to find more information about her work.

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