Dolphin Bliss

Another wonderful account of one of our participants this year – very touching.

Bottlenose DolphinsWords feel truly inadequate to explain what has been happening with me in the past 10 months that included 2 trips to WILDQUEST. My heart has opened and subsequently my ability to be present, both receive and give love and my whole body have transformed. Continue reading

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Life At WildQuest

A video which captures the Spirit of WildQuest. Let Amlas be your guide through the WildQuest experience. You get a glimpse of the magic that happens here, as well as some practical information, such as how to get to us, where we sleep, what we eat, how we swim with dolphins, what the boat is like…

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2012 Season Starts

The first 2012 participants will arrive tomorrow to Bimini.

We’ve been working hard to get our boat DolphinQuest and our Retreat Center ready for the season. We are all very excited and looking forward to meet all the beautiful dolphin souls who will come to see us in Bimini to swim with the wild dolphins. Yahoo!

Love from Jwala, Atmo, Atosh, Amlas, Sudi, Tara, Vijan and Sukhama –
the WildQuest Dream Team

WildQuest Team 2012

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