Drones Over Dolphins Stampede

Breathtaking Video filmed with a drone off Dana Point, California. What an amazing way to facilitate a drone. Touching footage of Humback Whale mama and her baby.

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Frontline’s ‘A Whale Of A Business’ Finally Airs On YouTube

It’s been 15 years since the documentary was first released in November 1997, but it is still considered one of the most telling exposures of the captive marine mammal industry. It is a must-see video for everybody. Captivity is not an option!

Read an article about it with further links.

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Ocean Giants – the movie!

A preview from Ocean Giants – a ground-breaking three part series. A must for all cetaceans friends. Two of the best underwater cameramen Doug Allen (Planet Earth) and Didier Noirot (Jacques Cousteau’s cameraman) captured spellbinding footage of these hunting, mating, moving mammals. More information online.

Watch Ocean Giants “Giant Lives” – Preview on PBS. See more from Nature.

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Whale Rescue

tom conlinA touching account of trying to free a whale from his life-threatening entanglement of fishing lines from Tom Conlin, founder of Aquatic Adventures. He was the first operator to run a Whales of the Silver Bank expedition.

Tom has 21 years experience over a 216-week time frame working whales on the Silver Bank. WildQuest has been facilitating their yearly Whale Retreat for many years with his company. Download a pdf file.

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