Dolphins’ Social Memory

Bottlenose DolphinDolphins have ‘longest social memory’ among non-humans. Researchers in the US say that even after 20 years of separation, dolphins could recall the whistles of former companions. A very interesting read about the result of a research.

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Soul On Fire

Soul On FireWe are happy to share a chapter of Veit Lindau’s book “Soul on Fire” about his dolphin experience. He has been at WildQuest every summer for the last 12 year and has become a very dear friend to us. Enjoy the read.

If you like it you can order the English ebook on or itunes. The German version is also available on and on itunes.

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Talking With Dolphins?

dolphin communicationThe New York Times article features the Wild Dolphin Project run by Dr. Denise L. Herzing in the Bahamas. She has been studying the dolphins for 25 years as part of the Wild Dolphin Project, the longest-running underwater study of its kind. Nice video as well – some of the dolphins look very familiar.

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