Dolphins May Call Each Other by Name

bottlenose dolphinWe already heard of dolphin vocalizations and signature whistles. A new research suggests that dolphins might actually call each other by names.

In their latest study Stephanie King and fellow St. Andrews biologist Vincent Janik investigate a phenomenon they first described in 2006 bottlenose dolphins recognizing the signature whistles of other dolphins they know. Read the article and listen to amazing audio clips.

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Dolphin Communication

Atlantic Spotted DolphinsHow far will dolphins go to relate to humans? Interesting read about the work of Denise L. Herzing who will launch a dolphin communication project in Bimini, Bahamas. Her goal is real-time two-way communication, in which dolphins take the initiative to interact with humans.

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Dolphin Greeting

pod of wild dolphinsWild dolphins use specific melodies called signature whistles to introduce themselves when they come across new groups of dolphins, researchers have discovered.

‘These signature whistles are special, because they contain the dolphin’s identity in the modulation pattern, or tune if you like, which the dolphin invents,’ explains Dr Vincent Janik from the University of St Andrews, who led the study.

Another article about the same study is to be found on the SienceNow site. This one even provides some audio sample of signature whistles.

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