WildQuest is the best place in the world to connect and play with joyful, wild and free dolphins – experience the ultimate Human-Dolphin Connection.

swim with dolphinsSince 1995 we have been providing the best program for swimming with wild and free dolphins in the warm Caribbean ocean.

Our intention is always one of minimal intrusion and our dolphin swims are conducted with respect and awareness.

WildQuest provides a supportive and safe environment, both on the boat and on land for the optimum Human-Dolphin Connection. The Bahamas offers the very best environment for swimming with dolphins. The water here in Bimini is turquoise, beautifully clear and very warm.

swim with wild dolphinsWildQuest is a company born out of a passion for feeling connected, with oneself and with the whole.

We have a deep love for the dolphins and the delicate harmony of nature that we experience in and around these beautiful islands, plus we love to share this passion with like-minded people.

On WildQuests Retreats there are friendly sharing circles, times of silence and various meditations if the desire is there. Nothing, of course, is compulsory! There is much fun and laughter and maybe tears.

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